Mike Thorne Comment:

Pergamon genuine Turkish handmade cymbals; I had no idea how much I cloud love Heavy Metal
Pergamon Cymbals was founded by true masters of the craft of cymbal-making with more than 50 years of experience. These folks hand hammer cymbals, creating one-of-a-kind sound and feel to each one.
Moore was happy to let me try every cymbal in every series, and I was delighted to explore and learn about the art of making these incredible sounding products. I finally decided that, for my needs, the Pergamon REVENGE Series was the right one for me, not only for the awesome name, but for the brightness and decay that I was looking for. I also grabbed a Stack Series  Hi- Hat, which I feel in love with one the first hit. These guys have the best Cymbals on the Planet in my opinion, and full spectrum of sounds and feels. From metal to jazz, these guys have what you want in a cymbal. 
I am happy to be a part of the Pergamon family.